Mags HallPolitical multi-tasker, food sovereignty activist, generally a judgemental person

    When I was 15, if you had told me I would be back living in Dunfermline in my 30s, still friends with this bunch of wierdos, I would have cried painful tears of regret.

    But it’s not that bad really.

    They let me out the house once every three weeks to speak to the public, and sometimes they even trick me into making cake too.

    I own the token vagina for the podcast, though I am yet to get a date for my special episode on periods and shopping.

    People often tell me I’m too loud so podcasting is the perfect medium for me as Cutch can alter my audio to bearable levels. I will often repeat things I’ve heard on Radio 4 to make me sound extra interesting.

    Campaigning for fewer Kirkcaldy-ites in the Fife Hall of Fame.