Jamie BrownLover and a Fighter

    I’m a lover and a fighter and terrible at both.

    I met all my fellow Fife Clubbers through school/the pub (at school age).

    Maybe that’s why listening to Fife Club is like hanging out with us at the pub but without the soothing distraction of alcohol.

    Would count myself as a space/MMA/music/anthropology/politics/scifi enthusiast, hater of cephalopods and Andrew Carnegie, and fountain of useless knowledge. I’m a…rotund, ahem, ginger guy with a beard who likes long walks in the woods (WHAT OF IT?) while listening to my favourite podcasts/audiobooks.

    Cutch does all the work for Fife Club and i just turn up and have a blether. Wasn’t sure about doing a podcast at first but really happy Cutch asked me to be a part of Fife Club. Now you too can join us in hiding from the pain of existence via laughter, listen to Fife Club!