James McIvorActor, Procrastinator, Custodial Fifer

    Dunfermline-based Theatre and Voice actor, who has and will act for scraps of food (please…I am hungry).

    James has had the fortune of performing in theatres productions, Radio Dramas and podcasts all round the country and beyond.

    Recent podcast features include presenting and producing the ‘Saturday Night Shoot Wrestling Podcast’ and appearing in the Radio Drama ‘Dead Ends’.

    James got the role of last possible choice for Protocol Angus Dayton when he shared his fandom of the podcast with the cast…and then just wouldn’t go away, instead sleeping on the porch of every recording session until they, begrudgingly, let him in.

    Being an avid pro wrestling fan & Podcaster, James knows what it takes to give the fans what they want when making a Fight Club battle that will not only entertain but shock, disgust and horrify in one fell swoop – much like a Friday night club sesh in Life.

    If reading his 3rd person-style doesn’t make you think he’s a complete wanker then the rest of the Fife Club bunch will gladly put you right…. could be worse though, he could come from Methil.