DaveA former music nazi who does a thing and knows where you live.

    A sort of born and bred Fifer with a Geordie heritage… So almost the worst of both worlds.

    I was brought on board as act 3 sect 24 of the Angus Deayton protocol which is absolutely fine by me as any opportunity to get on Beattie’s nerves is an opportunity I’ll take.

    I’d like to think that i have wide and varied vocabulary and yet the moment that i am presented with a microphone I resort solely to swearing and insulting my fellow Fife Club members.

    I’ve recently discovered that 85% of the images of me on social media were taken whilst I had a drink or an empty glass in my hand which explains an awful lot. My parents have always said that I have a face for the radio so lets hope that im finally making them proud.

    Whilst Mags may own the token vagina on this podcast, I am the token fanny