Craig McCutcheonCustomer Care Keyboard Warrior, Producer/Editor Supreme, All round alright Person.

    Aye, So I’m a Keyboard Warrior dealing with Customer care in my day job.

    Outside of that I become Fife Club’s Producer/Editor supreme for approximately how long it takes to record, edit and publish this thing here that we do.

    Husband to a Wife, Pawrent to two ginger Moggies and a Tort, hailing from Rosyth.

    Often to be found on the west coast of Scotland sookin’ up the scenery.

    Fife Club was born out of a need to create something instead of just consuming all the time and with the help from my Wife gifting me a Super duper Mic at Christmas and the support of Jamie and Mark, we did something that… I think we’re sort of proud of! I just hope that if you pick this podcast upthat there is something for you that will make you want to come back time and time again.