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This week the Fife Friends are back for a brand new season, Season 5! Otherwise known as “the road to 100”. That’s right You’ve now listened to our brand of rot for 80 episodes! You lucky Fife Fans! And with a new Season we have, hopefully, a new regular in the rotating Angus Deaton seat, Lizzie! She joins us over the Worldwide Intertubes from Stormy Stornoway, all the way on The Isle of Lewis. Our Fifer in the Outer Hebrides!

In this episode the friends get into their first impressions of Doctor Who! With a brand new Doctor the team discuss how they thought Jodie Wittaker did taking on the legendary mantle. Lizzie tells the friends how she had a really good nap at the time!

Lizzie teaches the guys about the importance of keeping your kidneys warm and why it’s almost impossible to find a top that doesn’t go further than the underboob with some extreme examples that don’t even cover that!

Mark Tells us about the sad potential demise of Cultural Delight Patisserie Valerie in a method only fitting of Fife Club, We apologise in advance for what you’re about to be witness too.

Then on the back of their discussion about Fridging, the guys discuss the fan practice of Shipping and how it’s another reason that Toxic Fandoms can ruin a good thing.

The guys also have a chat about the Royal wedding! What royal wedding you ask? Exactly!

Desert Island Dicks

Finally the friends take a trip on an Airplane and crash land on the Desert Island of Dicks, but as they are all nervous travelers these days, they all smuggle an emotional support animal onboard to get them through the flight and inevitable crash onto the Island.

What do they bring?

Listen in to find out!

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