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This week the Fife friends are having a break as Cutch is on Holiday, but he’s managed to put together some bits and pieces from past episodes so new fans can catch up and old fans can take a nostalgic trip.

Want to know how it all started? Where the idea of Fantasy Fight Club came from? The origins of the Honey Badger? Then this is the episode for you!

Fantasy Fight Club

Cutch also brings you some classic Fantasy Fight Clubs with Gordon the Gopher v Ed the Duck, Werthers v Murray Mints and Boost v Double Decker.

Desert Island Dicks

You’ll also discover why Jamie owns a plantation on Desert Island Dicks and why Mag’s has made sure we don’t have Thermos Flasks their either!

Finally Some bonus, never before heard content in the shape of a section binned in Episode 57, where we discuss who our favourite Australians are!

Want to know who we choose?

Listen in!

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