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We are having a few issues with our Host Podomatic meaning that you may not be able to Download or listen in the player just now. Good Job we are on the ball though!!!

The episode is up on Soundcloud at the below link so you can go there to check it out!!

Click here to go to Soundcloud!

This week the Fife friends are just a trio and so have a chat about the E3  and what their highlights have been from the press conferences of the big names in Video Games.

The friends also chat about the windy weather and how a tree fell down in Dunfermline town. Moving on from that sad news the friends have a natter about the SNP Walkout in westminster this week and if it actually means anything.


Finally they take a trip to the Nonagon for a Fantasy Fight Club with a World Cuisine/World Cup Theme.

Italian Pizza v French Escargot

Japanese Udon Noodles v Chinese Rice Noodles

England’s Sunday Roast v Mexico’s Enchilada.

Who wins?

Listen in to find out!

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