In Fife Club Podcast

This week the Fife friends Get topical and Click Baity once again and pick apart new internet phenomenon, Yanny or Laurel, and let you know what they hear and how they think it works.

They then chat about the sad death of Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison and discuss his music and talents. To lighten the mood a little the friends then riff on the big Dunfermline Press head line story from Tuesday, Explosions at the Bus Station!

Then it’s one of those weeks where they find themselves back on the Desert Island of Dicks. As their is a big Royal Wedding on Saturday, This week the friends tell us who they would walk have walk them down the isle of an island wedding!

Want to know who they choose?

Listen in to find out!!

P.S. Cutch’s mic bugged out again this week, thankfully we recorded on the omni Mic as well! About 20 minutes in, you’ll notice a bit of a change in the quality when we change over to the other recording, Sorry again for the amateurish Production values! We’ll get it sorted and make sure this doesn’t happen again… until the next time!

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