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Ayup Fife Fans

We are back once again!

This week the Fife friends have a chinwag about some Pop Culture stuff. More specifically Cutch and Jamie geek out as they give a spoiler free review of Director Matthew Vaughan’s new film, The Kingsman : Golden Circle, then go into a more spoiler chat about the new Star Trek TV Series, Star Trek : Discovery.

Mags tells us briefly about how she was a vegan for a week. It’s all she’s ever talked about recently.

Mags gives the Fife friends a brief run down of the Labour Party Conference that was held in Brighton this week too.

We then jump on over to the Fife Club Nonangon where we pit 30 contenders against one another in a bumper quick fire fight card involving Sci-Fi v Spies v The Labour Shadow Cabinet, that we like to call Laborious SPY-FI!!

Want to see who fights and who wins? Then hop on in to the player below and give us a right proper listening too!

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