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This week the Fife friends attend the Fife Whisky Festival 2019 and get chatting to lots of lovely people!

They chat with Kingsbarnes Distillery about there new Whisky, Dream to Dram, Lady of the Glen about their Independent bottlings, Loch Lomond Distillery give the friends a taste of a Whisky none of us have ever experienced, The Malt Whisky Society chat about their perculiar naming conventions, Inchdarnie tell us about there journey to whisky and Darnley’s tell us all about the secrets to their Gins!

Fife Whisky Festival 2019 – Whisky Galore

The guys also chat about their experiences with Deanston, Fraisers, Lindors and many others.

Want to listen to their enlighting if not Squify rambles with the lovely Whisky folk?

Then jump in and have a listen.

PS, Unfortunately, the Ghost of technical errors returned upon us once more and wiped out interviews with Eden Mill, Daftmill, Paul John and Lindores. We’re gutted and apologies to the guys that kindly lent us their time! We will be in touch, we want to come visit all our Fife Distilleries for a chat soon!

Also if you want to hear our Pod from the First festival last year then click this link here!

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