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This week the team are a twosome as Cutch and Jamie go all Episode 1 on you lot. 95 Episodes in the making! Good luck everyone.

The pair get chatting about the news that Netflix have finally decided to cancel both Punisher and Jessica Jones, meaning that the partnership with Marvel is finally done. They both go through each of the series recounting the successes and failures of an ambitious TV Project.

Fife Whisky Fest

The guys then turn their attention to the first of their March Events, The Fife Whisky Fest, and go through the Exhibitors/Distilleries that will be attending, giving their thoughts on what to look forward to! They are so excited for this one!

Desert Island Dicks

With news of a few previously thought extinct animals being Discovered again, the guys decide on which endangered animal they would bring to the ever growing Biodiversity/Menagarie on the Island.

What do they Bring?

You know what to do to find out!

How did you find this Twosome Episode? Tedious? Boring? Let us know.

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