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This week the Fife friends are not prepared in anyway shape or form and so decide to have a proper Ramble chat. Settle in because it’s a long one and it’s pretty stupid!

The guys start of their meandering rambles with chat of some TV shows they’ve been watching, Dave and Lizzie tell everyone about “Abducted in Plain Sight” and Dave enjoys sharing the details of a particular scene.

Cutch shares some exciting news about a new Idlewild album on the way and how he has tickets to see them in the Barrowlands in May!

Lizzie tells the guys all about her Nicotine Withdrawl and how it’s lead to some outstanding unreasonable angry outbursts and the guys chat about Trump calling a State of National Emergency for no reason other than trying to get his stupid wall built quicker. On the topic of stupid walls…

Fantasy Fight Club – Stupid Edition

In what will be their most stupid theme for a Fight, this week they pit Walls against each other.

On the card this week we have :

Wall’s Bangers v Wall’s Cornish Ice Cream

Mark (Marky Mark) Walhberg v A Walrus

The Berlin Wall v Hadrians Wall

Who Wins?

Who the fuck cares!

Listen in anyway and good luck too you!

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