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This week the Fife friends have a chat about a Mad story that Dave brings to the table, about a man who killed a Wild Mountain Lion with a wrestling submission and how silly strong and insane you must have to be to pull that off!

They also Get stuck into the Controversy of the week, with the news that Liam Neeson has a new/old particular skill, being Racist.

If that wasn’t enough, the Pals get Local and discuss the shocking News that the Postings Shopping Centre in Kirkcaldy has been sold for over £300,000 when it when on sale for a £1. What would have been a better purchase for the money, have a listen, and find out what you should be stocking up on before Brexit.

Desert Island Dicks

Finally they go for a wee trip out on the number 19 Bus that somehow finds itself out in the water a stuck on that Desert island, for another Desert Island Dicks. This week, Jamie has been playing Battle Royale Multiplayer Game, Apex Legends and so decide what video game items they are going to bring.

What do they bring?

Listen in to find out.

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