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This week the Fife friends get stuck into their favourite thing, yet more controversial topics (Gillette) from the last few weeks. So edgelord, Much topical!

Before that though they have a chat about some local news, where a dude tried to buy a gun on the dark web and have it delivered to his work in Dunfermline and final gets sentenced like he deserves for being such a tool.


They then get elbow deep into the controversy stories, Starting with the New Gillette advert, where Dave and Cutch explain to Jamie what the advert is and have mild disagreements on whether they approve of the message or not!

The pals also discuss the new misheard/audio illusion of the week, Rihanna’s song Paperchaser and whether you can here, “maybe I’m a paper chaser”, or “maybe I’m a big fat Slut”. It’s bloody weird.

They also get a bit geeky and discuss all things Scifi in pop culture, from, New Avatar Films, Daves interest, or there lack of, in Sci-Fi, and of course Cutch and Jamie get there knickers in a twist about all the new Star Trek coming to the small screen.

Desert Island Dicks

This all leads nicely into Desert Island Dicks, where the guys Crash land onto the island this week and decide what Sci-Fi type thing they will bring onto the island to help them survive/fuck with each other!

Want to know what they bring?

Then listen in!

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