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This week the friends, Cutch and Jamie, visit their favourite place in Dunfermline town and return to The Little Shop of Heroes, where they speak with Alby about the devastation of having to cancel last years Dunfermline Comic Con only days before, due to the #Beastfromtheeast.

They also talk about how the local community that the guys had built up over the years had their back and supported them through this difficult time with an amazing go fund me and people asking for there tickets to not be refunded.

They have a chat about the death and resurgence of the High Street and how the Team at The Little Shop of heroes slot into this community. Alby also explains to the friends the intricacies of Comic book Distribution in the UK, which is truly interesting and massively insane.

Dunfermline Comic-Con 2019

Alby tells the guys more about this years Comic Con, the artists and creators who will be attending and the teams hopes for the future of the store and the event.

Want to feel inspired by a true feel good news story, then come on in and have a listen!

And don’t forget to buy tickets for this years Dunfermline Comic Con at or  You can also pop into the store on the Maygate , Dunfermline, across from the Abbey, grab a ticket, have a chat, buy a Funko Pop and tell them we sent you!

It’s set to be a great day out for all the family, if you are into Comics or not. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet the people and talent behind the Comic book industry. GET DRESSED UP! THERE WILL BE A LOT OF FOLK IN COSPLAY! Oh and your Favourite Fife based Podcast will also be hanging about. Come see us and chat!

Saturday March 30th, Glen Pavillion, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline.

£10 a ticket for Adults

£5 a ticket for 12 -16 year olds

11 and under are free!!

Go get to it FIFE FANS!

You can also check out our chat with Alby and Lou from last year at this link here!

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