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This week the Fife friends welcome in the new year by having a bit of a classic ramble chat with Cutch and Jamie in Rosyth, James coming to us from Oakley and our Fifer abroad, Lizzie joining us from Lewis.

Where will this one go, who knows! That’s always the magic of the ramble chat, it can weave in and out of all sorts of chat and banter. Especially when they haven’t had a chance to prepare anything all the good! It’s the Fife Club way! What more do you want or expect from them!!!

Ramble Chat

The friends may be on a good ol’ ramble but maybe they’ll chat about the joys of Lidl and how Lizzie makes special exceptions to bring her car to the mainland for her Biannual visit to the German Supermarket kings, what there thoughts are on the new Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Rolls and Lizzie’s failed attempt to purchase one, they may go off on a tangent about Self replicating Crayfish and how they may bring about the end of days, never mind Brexit, which might get it’s own special mention in more batshittery news about contracts being handed out by the government to basically their pals, Space might come up and the cool things happening in the last week in the vast area and many other varied topics.

Want to know more?

Then jump in and have a listen!

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