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This week the Fife friends say Merry Christmas and give you part 2 of the Christmas Bonanza! Unravel this merry christmas present and you’ll findyou get a treat of a whole hour of Desert Island Dicks … Sort of.

As it’s christmas bonanza time, we are once again back in the North Pole instead and have lovely discussions on the items each of us will bring to help survive the Icy Festive Tundra! We don’t at all bring a Nonagon to have a fantasy fight. Nope siree!

Festive Island Dicks

Cutch brings a handy FlavaWave Convection Oven for the gangs culinary requirements, while Jamie brings a Christmas nightmare in the shape of the Crampus and James brings along another Nonagon so he can pit all the different “A Christmas Carol” films against each other.

What random article from Wikipedia does Mark bring with him?

Listen in to find out!

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