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This week the Fife friends go local, with a special discussing some pressing Fife stories. First having a bit of a natter about the continuing Omnishambles that is Brexit! Even though Mags is dead against it and, like most people, does not want to talk about it anymore. The friends imagine what the TV debates should look like, which is basically just a revival of Deal or No Deal. Edmonds and aw!

Then Cutch asks the guys their opinions on Fife’s Contribution to it’s ever expanding waist Line and increase in heart Disease. The news that 2 of its local Chippies are doing Christmas themed Deep Fried Suppers, with the Waterfront in Anstruther doing battered, Kilted Sausages (Pigs in Blankets) and April’s Plaice (see what they did?) in Buckhaven doing a 1000 Calorie, Battered, Christmas Dinner.  After deciding if they’d eat this, the guys come up with an ingenious plan to open a pop up advent calendar chippy selling a different Deep fried Christmas delight every day. They try to think up of a few different combinations. But they would love the Fife Fans to get involved and chuck in some ideas too!

Mags brings up news about new rules that Fife Council have put in place for naming streets after people. No more living folk! They have to have been dead for more than 5 years now, thanks to certain Yewtree investigations and the likes affecting streets in other areas across the country. On the back of this the guys nominate some Street names with Fife legends and why!

Fantasy Fight Club

Finally, The friends head back to the Nine Sided Imaginary Nonagon for a little festive Fight Club. Knowing how to wring a subject dry, the guys pit some Christmas foods against each other in the Nonagon.

Jamie chucks in Christmas Pudding v Christmas Chocolate Cake , Meanwhile,

Cutch Throws Christmas Dinner v Boxing Day leftover Sandwiches

Who wins?

Listen to find out!

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