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This week the Fife Friends are once again a Trio. The three friends discuss Shetland being oot it’s box and how, although great for Shetland, it’s ultimately silly for maps.

They also congratulate their Favourite Bakers, Stephen’s for winning Scottish Baker of the year. Well done guys! It’s well deserved.

Cutch asks the guys what they think about Movie studios taking missteps with Superhero Films and their desperation to emulate Marvels Cinematic Universe, but ultimately failing.

Jamie and James give us a run down of this weekends big UFC 229 fight Night in Las Vegas where we see the return of Conor McGregor to the Octogon to take on the terrifying might of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Fantasy Fight Club

And with that in mind we make a long awaited return to our 9 Sided Imaginary Nonagon for a very on theme Fantasy Fight Club!

This week we pit famous Irish folk against famous Russian folk because we’ll ride any social media wave we can!!!

The Hunt for Red October’s Marko Ramius returns to the ring to take on The Untouchables Jimmy Malone.

The formidable Russian punk band, Pussy Riot take on Ireland’s mild mannered, poor man’s Boyzone, Westlife.

And hitting the stereotypes hard is the Leprechaun going up against the chilling terror of The Russian Doll.

Who wins?

Listen in to find out.


Bonus Section : Do you know who Kiki Dee is? Then why don’t you get in touch and tell Jamie who she is and why he should know here. Jamie Genuinely thinks we made her up! Can you believe it! Kiki Dee, The singer, Made up! And he’s supposed to be the Fife Club music connoisseur too!

Send us all the evidence you can find out there! Come on Fife Fans lets prove it to him. Hit him up on Twitter, @fishisoff and tag us @FifeClub , #Kikipedia !

Lets Build it!

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