In Fife Club Podcast

This week the Fife Friends take on the controversial topics in a controversy special.

They start with discussing the Capitalisation of Activism with news of Nike (or is it Nike) sponsoring Ex-NFL star Colin Kaepernick after being kicked out for kneeling during the National Anthem, at the star of games, as a form of protest. Listen in to find out what the friends think about such a hot on trend controversial topic.

Continuing with Controversy, the pals all chip in their thoughts on the ongoing trope in fictional media of Fridging, where a woman has to die to give a male protagonist the required oomph and emotional backstory to complete his mission or strike revenge. Listen to where the friends lie on this matter!

Desert Island Dicks

Then finally they go to the Desert Island of Dicks where they decide who they will send to Brussels to negotiate their very own Dixet from the E.U.

Who do they send?

Listen in to find out?

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