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This week the Friends are a threesome once again and with let prep they bring you the Top 10 Jokes of the Fringe 2018 According to the great channel Dave! James and Cutch read them to Jamie and listen to his underwhelmed responses.

Cutch tells us a little bit about Zelda : Breath of The Wild as he’s finally finished it and about Indie Game Death Squared. James tells us about his experiences of playing the new Season of Telltale’s Walking Dead game and Jamie recommends some more tunes for us all to listen to!

Ramble Chat

The guys then chat a little bit about Matt Groening’s (Simpsons, Futurama) new show Disenchanment on Netflix and give their thoughts on this first series.

No Desert Island Dicks this week because we were not prepped at all! We will pick it up again next week!

Come on in and have a listen!!

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