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This week The Fife Friends get into a bit of the Edinburgh Fringe vibe where Jamie and Cutch recall, to there best efforts, their time at the Whisky Fringe in Broughton. Cutch tells us about being drunkingly sat down by Gal Gadot and They both give some hot takes from some of the best whiskies they tried.

Cutch also recommends a show “3’s Comedy” at Fireside Starring Australian Comics, Peter Jones, Luka Muller and Filthy Casuals Podcast host Adam Knox. Although the show is finished now… so… Instead check out there Podcast 25 days where they cover their experiences of their first FRINGE!

The friends have a chat about Dan Le Sac‘s new Album 63 Days and Jamie gives a few recommendations of things to listen to.

Mark gets a bit more topical and tells us about The Herald and Sunday Herald editiorial staff being merged and why this might be a tragic thing for the Scottish Press.

Fantasy Fight Club

Finally they head to the Nonagon where they pit some child celebrities against each other and see who wins!

Want to know how it all goes?

Then listen in!

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