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This week the Fife friends have a lot to chat about for once! They delve straight in with chatting about Sacha Baron Cohen’s New TV series “Who is America?” and their thoughts on it.

They then discuss the so called “Alt Right” going after famous outspoken critics of them and Trump, like James Gunn and Dan Harmon, dragging up nonsense jokes from their past to try and discredit them, with some success too. Is it right? Well the friends will tell you what they think.

Next up they voice their concerns for the environment and rejoice at tnews about Water on Mars, even if Mags does have a bit of an existential crisis. we briefly cover some of the Tour De France too!


Then they jump into the Nonagon for a Classic Fantasy Fight Club.

Dave give us his usual nonsense with Gigs then (in our Youth) v Gigs now (in our Thirties) and Jamie presents The Thai Cave Football team v The Chilean Miners.

Who wins?

Listen in to the player above to find out!

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