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This week the Fife friends, Cutch and Jamie, attend this years Dunfermline ComicCon at the Glen Pavillion in Pitencrieff Park!

This years event went off without any hiccups and the weather behaved itself, in fact it was a pretty cracking late March day. Join the pals as they talk to some of the Local talent that was at this years Dunfermline ComicCon.

The Interviews

The friends talk with Dunfermline Comic Creator, Colin Maxwell of Maximized Comics, and discuss his books with historical slants, like Bruce & Wallace and Electromagnetic.

They also chat with Neil Slorance about his two different worlds of Comic books and Political Cartoons. The friends also chat with his co-creator Colin Bell about working closely with Neil on their books Pirate Fun and Dungeon Fun. They also ask about the local scene and how it supports creators and stores alike.

Cutch and Jamie also catch up with an old friend, Andy Turnbull with A.R.K. Comics. He tells us about how he got into the World of creating comics. He also tells us a bit about his book Gym Shoe amongst other projects.

Then Co-Organizer, Albi, of Little Shop of Heroes, has a sit down with them to tell the friends a bit about the highs and lows of the run up to the event, how the day had turned out for him and his utter gratitude to everyone who comes along to help put it together.

Tech Glitch

The guys also spoke with Brenden Fletcher, writer of Batgirl, Gotham Academy and many other awesome books, about why he came all the way from Brooklyn to Dunfermline for the Con and he asked them about the local music scene. It was a great interview that will never be heard as the ghost of technical faults once again graced Fife Club with its presence and  lost the interview. Apologies to Brenden, the guys appreciated your time and hope to maybe catch you again in the future!

Listen in to hear all the lovely things said by all the lovely people!

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